Cancellation: OISTAT Architecture Commission Tour in the Netherlands

Dear attendees of the Dutch Theatre Tour 2020,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your interest and registration for
the Dutch Theatre Tour in June.

Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis we had to make the final decision
this week, and we decided to postpone the tour. We waited with this decision
as long as possible, hoping that corona would not hit us all so hard…
Maybe we will be able to go out again in The Netherlands by June, but maybe
not. But even if this is the case, it might still be impossible for other
countries to travel to The Netherlands.

Hopefully we can find a new date towards the end of this year, or at the
beginning of 2021, to meet each other.
We want the AC Meeting to take place in any case, this time in a digital
Headquarters will help us with that and as soon as there is more information
about it, you will be informed by Oistat.

We are really sorry that we had to make this decision.
But most of all we hope that you all will stay healthy and that we can meet
in a few months‘ time!

Take care!

Best regards,

On behalf of the VPT,
Martien van Goor
Maaike Westinga

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