Einstein would be thrilled.


Two places, many stories, no less than the theory of relativity, Schroedinger’s cat and the basic questions of existence in a physical laboratory of life in the universe.
It’s a bit of a show.
Smart, sophisticated and funny, but not didactic. You’re welcome to know, but it doesn’t help.
(If your mirror-ego gets married at the same time. Who looks better?)
In the universe, we are probably immortal on the net. That stays.

Kay Voges, his team, the Schauspiel Dortmund and the parallel world at the BE succeed in a great ensemble performance in a perfect networking of art and technology, without losing out. The high technical level supports the actors and playfully expands their possibilities.
The great technical achievement behind this production is so unobtrusive that after a few minutes the audience forgets the presence of the cameramen and can jump from Berlin to Dortmund and into the rooms of the distant theatres.
Theatre, the most analogous of all rooms, has always been able to combine the arts. Putting engineering and technical innovation at the service of art is nothing new, but using digitality as a complementary and fundamental tool is. Technology is not an autonomous tool, but an extended means of communication with the viewer.
Absolutely worth seeing.

Together with the Schauspiel Dortmund, the DTHG has founded the Akademie für Theater und Digitales, an institution that wants artists and technicians to study and conduct research in joint laboratories.
Theatres are once again the forerunners of innovative developments. The chronicle of the DTHG is full of examples of such creative-technical cooperations.



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