La Fenice after the floods and before the start of the season

After the tidal waves of the last few days, when the peak of 110 cm was reached for the first time in several decades and damage amounting to more than 30 million euros was caused, the city begins to clean up. According to the Milan daily „Corriere della Sera“, 3,000 young people arrived from all over Italy to help clean up the city. Hundreds of electricians, plumbers and bricklayers who want to help repair the damage free of charge signed up on Facebook.

The world-famous Fenice Theatre is worried about the start of the season next Sunday. The rehearsals for Giuseppe Verdi’s „Don Carlos“ are currently taking place in the city of Treviso. The flood caused damage of several million euros to the building in Venice.

Meanwhile, help comes from other artists: On Tuesday, on the occasion of a concert by the Russian conductor Valery Abissalovich Gergiev, the collection of donations for Venice will be officially presented at the Italian embassy in Moscow. Scala director Alexander Pereira is planning a benefit concert at the Milan Opera House on 29 November. The proceeds will be used to support the Fenice Opera House. A performance of Ravel’s „Bolero“ is planned at the Scala.

Claudio Scarpa, director of the Federalberghi Hotelier Association, explained that 35 percent of the hotel stays already booked had been cancelled.

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