Munich decides about the renovation of the Gasteig

The Munich City Council has opted for the Henn architectural office’s design, which is to be implemented during the planned general refurbishment.

The Munich office describes its design with the words:

A new structural element, which connects the existing parts of the building as a glass bridge, gives the Gasteig a new transparency. It opens the Gasteig to the city, provides insights into what is happening and invites all visitors and employees to become part of the cultural life of the city. This cultural stage becomes the model and identity of the new Gasteig. With its transparent, glass and open architecture, it deliberately contrasts with the monolithic and mineral structure.

The building was built in 1978 according to plans by the architects Raue, Rollenhagen and Lindemann. It includes the concert hall, the municipal library and the adult education centre.

The architects had already claimed their copyrights in the run-up to the decision and had addressed the city council with a memorandum and voted for the selected draft.

Critics now accuse the city council of having made a discouraged decision.

„Despondency meets trouble“, said Green faction leader Florian Roth after the decision.

Other critics had also preferred a complete demolition of the building and a new construction in the discussion.

The refurbishment is to begin in 2021 and cost approx. 450 million euros.

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