National project “Culture” will be brought to life in Russia

September 24, 2018, Presidium of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and National Projects of Russia approved the framework of “Culture”. national project.

The philosophy of this project is to ensure maximum accessibility to cultural facilities, which will allow citizens to both discover cultural assets and participate in their creation.
The main goal of the project is to increase the attendance of cultural institutions by 15% and obtain 5 times boost in usage of digital cultural resources.
These goals will be achieved under three federal projects: “Cultural Environment”, “Creative People” and “Digital Culture”.
The federal project “Cultural Environment” aims to improve the quality of life of individuals through upgrading the cultural infrastructure and the renovation of institutions at all levels – from national and globally important to those in rural areas. All these venues form the cultural environment of our country.
As a result of the project 1,239 new and renovated cultural facilities will be open to people living in cities and villages and 3,600 entertainment venues will be reequipped.
The project will be driven by 39 Cultural Development Centers (CDC) with a standard design, built in cities with population up to 300 thousand people. Cultural development centers will form multifunctional cultural space featuring a concert hall, a museum and exhibition hall, a library, creative workshops and cinema halls for children and adults, as well as recreation areas (restaurants, gift shops).
The project will provide access to modern facilities of about 5 million people.
Construction of 31 CDCs is planned for 2022 – 2024. People living in rural areas will be able to attend 500 reconstructed or newly built cultural centres. 600 mobile multifunctional cultural centers will be procured to give access to culture for people in rural areas where no stationary cultural facilities are available.
In order to promote artistic education 1,700 schools of art and 100 vocational colleges will be renovated with new musical instruments and modern equipment.
Interest to national cinematography will be promoted with construction of 1,200 modern cinema halls in cities with population up to 500,000 people.
Theatre arts will be encouraged among children and youth through reconstruction and refurbishment of 40 children’s theaters, which equals to 25% of the existing venues, the amount of new productions and attendance rate Is expected to grow by 15% (over 4 million visitors).
Manufacturers and suppliers of products for performance and entertainment industry are rolling up their sleeves anticipating great prospects that the project is going to bring.

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