Theater costume workshops produces protective clothing

As reported by dpa, masks and protective clothing are now being produced in the Leipzig theatre workshops. Such a suggestion had already been made a few days ago by Matthias Brenner, director of the New Theater Hale.

As Leipzig’s mayor Burkhard Jung (SPD) said, they will sew masks and protective clothing.

„Starting next week, they will start production“, Jung reported on Friday. „The premieres are cancelled. We should use the capacities and the level of craftsmanship.“

The masks will have a simple shape, but the protective clothing should meet all medical standards. It is still unclear how much the theatre tailors will produce.

The protective clothing from the theatre workshop will of course only be able to make a small contribution, he said. The equipment with protective suits in the Leipzig clinics is currently sufficient for several weeks and is to be improved significantly. In Leipzig, 113 confirmed infections with the coronavirus were reported on Friday, according to the head of the city. Nine patients are treated in hospitals.© dpa

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