Video installation at Cologne Cathedral

From 26th to 30th September 2018, Cologne Cathedral with its 137 m high tower will become a huge projection screen for a special art project.
The artists Detlef Hartung (Cologne) and Georg Trenz (Munich) have developed a moving image projection on Cologne Cathedral on the occasion of this year’s cathedral pilgrimage (27 to 30 September) and are illuminating the cathedral with around 20 high performance projectors. Under the title “Dona nobis Pacem”, the cathedral will be illuminated daily from 26 to 30 September with the onset of darkness (approx. 8 p.m.) until midnight as part of the “Cologne Peace Nights”.
This is to commemorate the end of the First World War in 1918 and at the same time create a lighthouse of peace.

The memory of the First World War with its millions of victims, the dead, the wounded, the traumatised and the bereaved is omnipresent in France, Belgium and Great Britain. A lot of things here are superimposed by the Second World War. All the more important, therefore, is the sign emanating from Cologne this autumn: it opens the cycle of commemoration events in Germany. The international highlight will be President Emmanuel Macron’s event in Paris on 11 November 2018, for which 85 heads of government have announced their attendance.

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