„We give Bonn a new theatre as a present! – Opening of Malentes Theater Palast in Bonn

Malentes Theater Palace, photo: J.S.

While the Bonn theater landscape has to deal with cuts in subsidies, cancellations of rental contracts and urgently needed refurbishments, a new voice in this scene says: „We are giving Bonn a new theater!“ Followed by: „We’re only making fun!“

Anyone who thinks this is a joke is wrong, as: On 20 September 2018 Malentes Theater Palast celebrated its opening premiere with the 60s revue „Mit 17 hat man noch Träume“ (in English: „With 17 you still have dreams“).

The new venue at the national road 9 (Godesberger Allee 69), which crosses Bonn in a north-south direction, looks as if the Berlin „Bar jeder Vernunft“ has flown to Bonn.

Malentes Theater Palast is a Belgian mirror tent from the year 1935. Once there was dancing in this tent and the mirrors offered certain possibilities to flirt. By means of the mirrors one can look quite inconspicuously which guests are sitting in the neighbouring loges. Anyone who appreciates more legroom and good visibility will be better off in the stalls.

Malentes Theaterpalast, interior, photo: J.S.

As the operators Knut Vanmarcke and Dirk Vossberg-Vanmarcke report with shining eyes, their great dream of their own theatre became a bit more real day by day starting June 25, 2018. On this day, the components of the freshly refurbished tent were delivered by a Belgian family enterprise. On the coming hot summer days, the experts had to build the tent. In July and August, the interior work was carried out, during which kilometres of cables were laid and hundreds of lamps placed. Containers for the organizational business were connected to the sides of the tent: from the management office to ticket sales to the sanitary facilities.

In careful detail work, wallpapers, tiles and decorations were installed in all the interior rooms. Consistently down to the last detail, an Art Deco world with authentic 1920s charm was created, which enchants the guests and makes them forget the rather unromantic surroundings as soon as they enter the „Theaterpalast“.

And who are Knut Vanmarcke and Dirk Vossberg-Vanmarcke?

Dirk Vossberg-Vanmarcke (l.), Knut Vanmarcke (r.), photo: J.S.

In the German-language cabaret scene, they have been creating enthusiasm as the „Malente Family“ for several years now. With their shows in the roles of Peter and Vico Malente, together with changing actresses, they invite you to travel back in time to the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The current 60s show „Mit 17 hat man noch Träume“ is a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek potpourri of memories of hits, television highlights and unforgettable protagonists of the „advertising television“ of the time.

The programme for the rest of the season comprises six ensuite performances of different formats: musical shows and tributes, an operetta and a comedy.

And how do the operators see their future in Bonn?

The city has approved the tent at this location for two years. Knut Vanmarcke and Dirk Vossberg-Vanmarcke have initially leased the property for a period of five years.

The signs are not bad that the concept will work out and that the venue will attract a large audience, including from the surrounding area. We wish the Malentes lasting success!

Juliane Schmidt-Sodingen


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